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A one-on-one tutoring platform which helps you find Tutors of your choice.

What do we do?

We have registered thousands of qualified, verified tutors who teach more than 100 academic / non-academic subjects for all age groups.

Our Key differentiators:
  1. You can choose tutors that best suit your budget, and are willing to teach at your available time.
  2. We have expert tutors/coaches who can help you with pursuing various hobbies and passions.
  3. You may also opt for at-home tuitions!

Don’t take our word for it, take a Free Demo class from Guru of your choice and see how easy it is to select a right tutor to suit all your needs!!

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If you’ve used home tutors before, you know how important it is for them to make the learning experience engaging. Our educators are happy to make home visits. However, if you prefer distance learning, it’s just as easy. In fact, you have many more tutors to choose from. It’s your choice.


To be good at something requires practice and effort. That’s why the ability, and teaching and communication styles of a tutor is crucial. Suddenly, difficult concepts become easier to understand, and studying is interesting and fun once again – online or offline.

Your need.
Your choice.
Your success.

In reality, nothing is ever easy, but we have provided the pathway for you to explore and discover.

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Learn from anywhere

“Learning should never stop, and distance should never be an impediment to learn”

Bringing learners and educators together lies at the heart of what we do, and technology provides us the means to do it.

Selection Through Digital Sciences

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Your goal is to learn, and ours is to continue adding resources for that. This is what you can do:
  • Find a guru quickly and easily
  • Be able to choose one from many
  • The ability to change your tutor
  • Flexibility in setting your learning schedule
The only thing we can’t do? The coursework required. That’s down to you!

High-quality tutoring

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We’re here to help you find your guru, so we have a carefully-designed system just for that.
  • Tutors are vetted by an experienced team from HomeGuru
  • They are coached before they can coach
  • A 60-hour continuous learning programme in the first three months of being a tutor
  • Tutors are provided with high quality teaching aids, and instruction materials
  • Parents and/or students can choose tutors from anywhere in India
  • Tutors vary from those in tertiary education, to professors and professionals
  • Learning can be imparted online or face-to-face

Tailor made for you

You’ve probably been there before. When you’re free, your tutor isn’t. And when your tutor is free, you’re busy. And strangely it always happens with someone whose teaching style, temperament, or demeanour you really like. Well, here’s your chance to put that right. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, the timings of your sessions are what the two of you agree. Simple!
No two students are alike. Any teacher in your school or college will tell you the same thing. Rote and standardised learning doesn’t figure in our DNA, but finding and nurturing the connection is. Our tutors are certainly aware of this, so all learning is geared to helping the individual in the manner that works best for them. And long may you benefit from the experiences of, and advice given to you by your guru.
Behind the impressive qualifications of each tutor is a human being who has dedicated their lives to learning. Let them share the joy they felt at their own accomplishments, and the challenges they faced and overcame. Listen to them, for there is much to be gained from their experiences and observations. Challenge them, for what is learning if you don’t question them? And consistent practice, for what better reward is there for you or your mentor than see the results of your efforts.

Be they central boards or state boards. Or entrance exams for Indian institutions or foreign ones. Be they popular or esoteric subjects. We cover them all, and our educators are well-versed in them, often having taken one or more of these examinations during their early lives.

However, beyond conventional learning and academics, there’s a fun side too. Age, it is said, is just a number, and there is no impediment to people learning new skills, exploring hobbies, or becoming proficient at something they never believed they had the inclination for.

So, whether it’s the culinary arts, music and dance, yoga, gardening, fashion design, and a host of other pursuits, we have passionate people ready to help you explore the possible. And guess what? The list of hobbies and pursuits will only grow in time. And if there’s something missing, drop us a line, and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

Online anything seems to have become the new norm. There are many who prefer it that way, but for those who still prefer human contact, you can choose to have in-person learning too.

Try us out. Your first session is on us!