Phonics is learning with sounds. It is used to teach kids how to recognize different sounds so that they can read and write. It is one of the important ways of learning. It helps a child learn how to read by learning each sound of every letter so that they can identify words and thus write them down. It is also important that this happens when kids initially start going to school or maybe even a playgroup. It’s the best way to build a great learning foundation for them.

Get your child enrolled in the Phonics classes within your budget. We at HomeGuru are always happy and all set to make the learning journey of your little one fun and enjoyable.


Learning the sounds of letters is a very interesting and engaging way that will keep kids indulged. They will use these sounds not only in school but maybe anywhere they go, and thus this will help their learning grow. Get them registered at HomeGuru. HomeGuru provides excellent Phonics trainers for the overall development of your little one.
  • Enhances early literacy skills
  • Improves vocabulary and language development
  • Improves reading skills
  • Helps with barriers to learning
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