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Students and their stress about how to score better and better in this competitive generation is never ending. But to put a full stop on all their questions, HomeGuru has come up with the solutions from class 1-12 which will help them assist on this journey of excellence. Hop on the opportunity, learn better with HomeGuru.


HomeGuru is a pan-national academic and non-academic platform that brings learners and educators together. Parents and/or learners make choices by reviewing the profiles of approved tutors, and we bring the two of you together. The rest, as they say, is up to the both of you.
Once you have successfully completed the verification process, your profile is made available to all subscribed learners on HomeGuru. They have the flexibility of choosing whom to learn from. If it’s you, we’ll be in touch.
Technology is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? The ease of communications makes both possible.
You can plan online sessions with learners from across the country. Literally! However, many parents and/or learners may also look for personalised instruction at home. And if the learner lives in the same city as you, the choice is still yours, depending upon your own circumstances.
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